Zidakwa Club: Police officers Arrested for Drinking While on Duty

Three police officers in the capital city of Lilongwe had to spend two nights in the cooler after a picture of them drinking beer while on duty went viral on social media.

The officers (as seen on the picture) were captured at one of shebeens in Lilongwe market on Tuesday.

National police have confirmed the arrest of the three who were pictured having fun with a woman who is presumed to be a commercial sex worker.

Names and ranks of the three officers are being kept under-wraps. They have been charged of indiscipline.

The picture which has gone viral depicts three officers having fun while in uniform and enjoying Chibuku opaque beer.

Apparently, there were eight officers cops at the shebeen and reports indicate that the three, currently out on bail, were arrested for allegedly refusing to name the other five officers.

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One thought on “Zidakwa Club: Police officers Arrested for Drinking While on Duty

  1. The problem is not the police officers,rather the one who capture that picture for he or She had criminal mind. Lets think of it, assuming that the one who captures that photo was aware that that behaviour was indeed wrong Why not love them by advice them(police officers) that its not on to do so whilst on duty instead go to Social Media! Why? CRIMINAL MIND! Amadana ndi Apolice Koma tikuyenera kudziwa kuti Pantchito anthu amalakwitsa ndipo kulakwa kulibe zoti uyu ndi wakuti wakuti Therefore Kudzuzula sikulakwa koma kukondwera wina akakhala pa VUTO mmmmmmmm. NANU MA POLISA ATHU TAMAONANI NTHAWI YOCHITILA ZINTHU MUKUYIPITSA ANZANU ONSE M’DZIKO LATHU LA MALAWI KOMANSO PADZIKO LONSE LAPANSI.

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