This will shock Malawians: Ben Phiri’s plans to destroy Prophet Bushiri’s reputation exposed

When news became riffle on social media of an alleged relationship involving DPP’s Ben Phiri and one Taonga Gondwe, Malawi Punch took an interest and investigated the claims that the love duo also share parallel plans to defame DPP’s political threats by among others implicating them in sex scandals.

According to investigations carried out by this reporter, it has been discovered that Taonga Gondwe, conspiring with her secret lover went to studio to record about Prophet Bushiri after their previous plan to implicate MCP’s Chakwera were halted.


In 2013, Taonga Gondwe connived with the late Member of Parliament for Dowa East Jimmy Bauleni Mannah who was popularly known as Dr Crowd to dupe Bushiri. It happened when Bushiri gave her a prophecy in church, telling her to leave Dr Crowd, who was then her secret lover despite the fact that Dr Crowd was married.

Taonga Gondwe enjoying tax payers money with the voice artist at a night club.

Taonga Gondwe enjoying tax payers money with the voice artist at a night club.

At this point, Taonga was believed to be HIV positive until the man of God prayed for her and got healed. HIV test results that followed proved that she was indeed negative following Bushiri’s prayers.

Because of this, she later switched sides and became a Bushiri follower, but it was at the time that Dr Crowd had already sued the man of God for defamation. Taonga double crossed her lover and sided with the man of God, who later adopted her and she had been one of the beneficiaries of Beacon of Hope, a charity organisation run by Bushiri’s wife Mrs Mary Bushiri that promotes girl empowerment, helps the poor and educate the youths.

Taonga and Peter Amidu exchanging love messages

Taonga and Peter Amidu exchanging love messages

In the case involving the man of God and Bushiri, Taonga supported Bushiri in shaming her once secret lover in trying to thank Bushiri for healing her from HIV/Aids.

A 15-page affidavit containing evidence from the girl at the centre of the case, Taonga Gondwe Jamali, confirmed to have unprotected sex with the MP several times and got pregnant when she was just 18 while in Form 3.

“I met the plaintiff in 2008 in Area 18 where I used to stay with my aunt. We got to know each other closely and started a sexual relationship. We were never practising safe-sex at all, never used any protection like condoms,” read her affidavits.

Prophet Bushiri praying.

Prophet Bushiri praying.

“Sometimes he would take me to a lodge named Mlambe in Area 36 to have sexual intercourse with me. We used to have sexual intercourse every week,” she claimed in the affidavit.

The striking part of the affidavit was that at the time she was having sex with the legislator, Taonga claims that she was HIV positive which she says prompted her to terminate her pregnancy. She nonetheless claims that after the self-styled prophet prayed for her, she got healed and she no longer has the deadly virus after testing negative during clinical tests.

You can read about the story carried by Nyasatimes here: ‘I had steamy sex with MP while HIV, Prophet Bushiri cured me with prayer’.

The article was also published by BNL Times in 2013 and you can access it here: ‘Girl had steamy sex with Malawian Member of Parliament’.

In 2015, at the time she was going out with Dr Crowd, Taonga Gondwe was also reported to have been in a secret relationship with Black Missionaries’ lead guitarist Peter Amidu where she would also send him nude photos as shown of the Facebook screen shot.

Taonga Gondwe: Professional Hooker and Blackmailer

Taonga Gondwe: Professional Hooker and Blackmailer

According to our inside sources, Taonga Gondwe recently fell out of favour from Bushiri when she went back to her old ways of drinking and partying behavior, a thing that worried the man of God because she was usually seen at church during services and later at parties dressed to prey on libidinous men at drinking joints.

When elders of the church approached her to change her behaviors, it is alleged that its when she completely broke allegiance from the man of God and started making threats to expose the man of God and she later found herself a place at DPP’s side which has been fighting the man of God relentlessly.

Plot to implicate Chakwera

Recently, Facebook screenshots that went viral showed some messages of alleged facebook massages of the accounts of Ben Phiri and Taonga Prophetic Garoy Gondwe were the two were sending each other nude photos and making plans to go to studio to record voices of the leader of MCP implicating him in sex scandals.

However, this was halted when the screenshots leaked to the media. It is believed that the voice mimicking of other persons is done by one Patrick who recently recorded voices that sound like Peter Mutharika talking about grasshoppers. Malawi Punch has the recoding and you can listen to it here:

When Ben Phiri finally got his hands on the person that mimicked Peter Mutharika, instead of taking him to task, he decided to utilise his talent and instructed him to do voice mimic for Chakwera and Bushiri talking to Taonga Gondwe in what would be deemed as a sex scandal to defame the two men of God who are seen as DPP’s threats.

Malawi Punch managed to get one of the recordings where Taonga Gondwe is talking to the guy that imitated Bushiri and you can listen to it here:

Taonga Gondwe is believed to have a number of Facebook accounts where she uses to flirt with married men and woo them into her traps where she later blackmails them for money.

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