“We need condoms too” – Zomba Mental Hospital patients complain

A plea has been given by patients at Zomba Mental Hospital asking government to provide condoms to the facility.

Our reporter visited the hospital to identify challenges that the mentally disturbed citizens face.

According to Mayamiko, a patient at the facility, it is their plea to see government provide condoms to the facility.

“Zakudya amatipatsa komanso mankwala tikulandira. Ambirife tachira ndipo misala inatha tikungodikira tsiku lotuluka. Pempho lathu ku boma ndiloti atipatseko zishango tizipangira mpira wachikulunga. Tikufuna tizitayitsa nthawi kusewera mpira popewa ma edzi,” explained Mayamiko, asking government to give them condoms to use to make local football for their free time play as they try to avoid HIV/Aids.

Kamtosa Report.

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One thought on ““We need condoms too” – Zomba Mental Hospital patients complain

  1. daniel chimkhuzi April 10, 2016 at 10:32 - Reply

    Zomba mental hospital siizathekaso kkkkk I think the FAM should come up with a super league and a truck full condoms kkkkkk

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