“Stop criticizing President Peter Mutharika’s jokes,” says Kaliati

Be warned, Peter Mutharika’s jokes are only meant to make you laugh and you have no right to criticize them. Who are you to criticize the jokes made by the president? Ungrateful people you are. Is it wrong to joke with you about eating rats?

Well, according to a Press Release by government of Malawi through the ministry of Information and signed by Information Minister Patricia Kaliati, fault finders should find something to do and stop criticizing the president’s jokes.

“The criticism directed at innocent jokes that the President cracked at a recent development rally in Mulanje that people should eat ‘mice’ as part of their food supplement is thoughtless and unwarranted. It speaks of fault-finding of the extreme nature,” reads part of the statement, dated June 28, 2016.

“For anybody to suggest that such a President has abdicated his responsibility of looking after his people simply because he referred jokingly to ‘mice’ as a food supplement is to sink our politics to new levels of pettiness,” it continues.

“The President, like all Malawians, knows that ‘mice’ are eaten in some parts of our country even in times of plenty as a delicacy and to diversify on their traditional foods.

“Therefore, reference to eating of “mice” cannot be said to be a sign that the President has run out of ideas about how to deal with the food shortages in Malawi.

“The President has a right to joke when he is interacting with his people. He does not have to fear to explore his sense of humour simply because fault-finders lie in wait to denounce anything that he says,” explains the release.

Peter Mutharika has recently come under fire for jokingly telling hungry people to try eating rats and grasshoppers unlike just eating “Nsima” alone. Nsima is Malawi’s staple food and most popular cereal food.

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