Prophet Shepherd Bushiri breaks the record- hosts over eighty thousand individuals for a Sunday service

Bushiri on pulpit preaching to thousands.

The founder of the Enlightened Christian Gathering, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, famously known as Major 1, held a record-breaking Sunday Service at the Tswane Showgrounds, Pretoria, South Africa. 
Statistics reveal that the man of God accommodated a crowd by-passing an estimate of over 80 000 individuals, for a normal service which he named, “Miracle Sunday.”

Reliable sources have revealed that by 7 am on the 9th of October, the gates to every entrance of the Centre were already jam-packed by the thousands that were flocking to get a seat inside and by ten o’clock, the pre-aligned, seventy thousand chairs were already filled such that the rest of the crowds were forced to sit outside the gates.

People being delivered during service

“The service could have been easily mistaken for a crusade because people covered the entire area. Mind you, this land is equivalent to the size of six soccer fields,” said one of the attendees.

Major 1, was welcomed by uncontrollable cheers from the masses and embraced by the faith of the congregants. The man of God, who arrived in a convoy of luxurious cars- seated in a Bentley himself, assured the thousands that despite the mind-bowing number of attendees, every individual was guaranteed to go home with a miracle.

A jacket burns with fire from heaven

The charismatic, spirit-filled, Prophet, arrived dressed for action in his Angelo Galasso shirt and jeans and he left the red carpet and walked in the dust to greet the multitudes and lay hands on almost every single person who was situated within his reach.

After quoting Ephesians 1:19, Major one encouraged the service attendees and millions of viewers of the prophetic channel in the comfort of their homes, by narrating the following, “This is a miracle Sunday, I declare and decree that from today, your lives will never be the same again, receive!”. 

Congregant walks after being prayed for

The well known worshipper, James Nee took on center stage as he led the masses into deep worship and as the tribe of Judah orchestrated melodic tranquility, Major 1 ministered to the congregants.To some, he laid hands on them, to others he prophesied and to the rest he simply declared the word of God over their lives. The miraculous was pioneered to incredible heights when, even those that were watching by means of satellite were calling in to confirm the Prophets prophecies. 

Many testified to getting called in for jobs during the service, some confessed that they received deposits of millions of rands and billion dollar deals after Major 1 prayed. The famous lion of Judah anointing oil was no exception as many also testified about it as a conduit of Gods power. They pronounced that they had been healed from critical illnesses and injuries that had been previously diagnosed and ruled out as life threatening and fatal by the doctors.

Prophet Bushiri listening to testimonies

During testimony time, those who were declared barren by doctors came back to testify with their babies while some were in the course of pregnancy.

As the day progresses, the entire crowd was left dumb founded as they eye-witnessed hundreds of people who has come walking with crutches throwing them away and walking on the miracle ground without aid or support. 

Malawi flag seen raised on the congregation

“I could not walk for fourteen years but after the man of God prayed for healing, I felt something leaving my body and now I am healed,” testified one old woman.

Aa if this was not enough, extra mundane occurrences continued to take place on the open grounds. As Major 1 was praying he called out for all those individuals that has attended the service bearing charms and wanted to surrender them. Many boost stepped forward and through their incarnations at the altar and shockingly as they did so, they caught fire. An evidential demonstration of power that truly revealed that the ground was indeed what Major 1 called it- a miracle ground.

Bushiri arriving at the service

“This is fire from above. I did not take a matchstick to light anything up, but, this is simply the power of God,” said Major 1 as he enlightened the masses.

All those that attended downtrodden, sick, in debts and heavily burdened, went back to their homes rejoicing and celebrating. Major 1 has been known to hold such kind of services. Many testify that miracles signs and wonders define the ministry he carries.

Part of the audience

Despite being in South Africa for barely over a year, the man of God has been noted to have one of the fastest growing churches, accommodating over seventy thousand attendees three times a week during his services.

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