Prophet Go Deeper Shepherd Bushiri to buy Likoma Island, to build a new version city of Dubai

The scandalous billionaire Go Deeper man of God Prophet Shepherd Bushiri is rumored to be advancing plans to buy Malawi’s beautiful island, Likoma Island to build a Dubai like city on the waters of Lake Malawi. Malawi Punch can reveal.

According to our source, Bushiri has become so rich that he doesn’t even know what to do with his money. Among others, it is reported that the flamboyant preacher also plans to buy fourth plane and donate one to Malawi Government for presidential use.

“You will laugh to hear plans that Bushiri has. He is planning to buy Likoma Island and build a city similar to Dubai for his businesses and expansion. He was in Dubai recently where he met architects and city planners to plan something for Likoma Island, which will eventually turn to Bushiri City,” explained our source who goes to Bushiri church.

It is not known whether he plans to turn Lake Malawi water to anointed water, giving healing and deliverance powers to all the fish and curse the crocodiles not to bite people.

Bushiri has recently been under attack for charging prayers and selling anointing oil at a very scary fee. He was also reported by Nyasatimes as being the second richest pastor in the world.

Likoma Island: To become Bushiri City

Likoma Island: To become Bushiri City

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14 thoughts on “Prophet Go Deeper Shepherd Bushiri to buy Likoma Island, to build a new version city of Dubai


  2. wellington binam. April 10, 2016 at 04:26 - Reply

    miracle monies can buy & rule….let it happen cos this will assist may in having employment in all areas of life……major 1.

  3. Bright Temwa Moyo April 10, 2016 at 06:41 - Reply

    Honestly this is a great idea,that is the power of visioning. If this place can be turned into center of tourism, government can make more money and employment can be generated for the youth.

  4. I dont see any problem buying likoma wat we need is development even donating ajet is welcom idea

  5. kondwani Mathews Sonjo April 12, 2016 at 07:49 - Reply

    People of Malawi, where is that love you use to have, this is not a welcome development at all. Think about 1000s families living in that island, they have got business running, houses of millions, will the government manage to compensate them? if it failing to buy maize for only a small thing hunger? give them land of their dream, God help Malawi to think properly, I know money can buy anything but we should no go to that extend. Mind you if The man of God buy this place it will be his and can just decide anything he want to with it. He is a human also. Son from of likoma

  6. this is very strange story. buying Island coz of what. this prophet of today one day he will go mad. God send Moses to go to Pharaoh to rescue his children who were suffering in a foreign land and he led them to Canan. Jesus come after to preach the gospel, during his time pple were healed and raised from dead. not even single coin was taken from anyone by Jesus. now this young man here thinking of buying my only Island, does it mean he gonna buy everything in or on it? what about pple then? this is sick and fake miracle’s.
    Dear LOrd don’t be late just come down and judge us coz this man of yours gonna spoil your good work.

    MOses sanakalowe nao mu kenani, anangowonesedwa mzinda kuti wauona mzinda uwo koma sukafika, ndipodi sanakafikeko. Namani anachilisidwa atauzidwa kuti akasambe, ndipo anachiladi. Lazalo anaukisidwa kwakufa ndipo Maria ndi Malita anachitila umboni.
    samalani ndi masiku omaliza pakuti kuzabwera aneneri onyenga mzinga langa nasochelesa anthu. koma pempherani kosaleka.Amen

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