Prophet Bushiri missing, feared kidnapped by unknown thugs

Malawian leader and founder of Enlightened Christian Gathering Prophet Shepherd Bushiri is nowhere to be seen with revelations bursting on social media that he has been kidnapped by a gang in South Africa. Malawi Punch has learnt.

According to information at hand, the leader was last seen on Monday during a service and he hasn’t made appearance since then. It is believed that he was also expected to lead a service at his church on Friday, but he was nowhere to be see, instead, it was his wife who preached.

According to our source, the family is keeping his whereabouts a secret, while others suggest he is out for prayer. Malawi Punch intends to monitor situations as they unfold.

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18 thoughts on “Prophet Bushiri missing, feared kidnapped by unknown thugs

  1. Sometimes if you haven’t git things to write it’s good to shut up rather than writing or publisizing false information as much as you would like to be in a forefront of a story one day you shall pay for this. I don’t what sort of procedure you go through before you post something like this, just because it’s his Mrs that took a play foam on yesterday’s prayers what makes you think Bushiri has been kidnapped who ever wrote this you are very stupid because you haven’t done your homework right. What if he Bushiri just wanted to be in control while he’s resting… He has over 10 pastors in church that can take control of the service ….Thank God am not Bushiri I would have sue you idiots …….. Elton

  2. Atolankhani ngati inu ndi amene mukupangisa kuti access to bill information isaduse ndi maboza anuwa

  3. i would wish this one missing than misleading one of Lord our God’s believer. God bless those realising that Bushiri’s false prophet. watch the songs for his follower’s forexample gwamba in the song called allelujah and better and recognise fast satanic symbols performed by them yet they say they are sent by major1. God bless those who take my advice into consideration and now repent and follow Jesus Christ the saviour that we may receive the eternal glory of living in the God’s Kingdom. Never be conveiced by all the prophesies which may only lead you to have wealth yet you dont work. you really dont know where they are from but pray to God through Jesus Christ to receive His kingdom! Amen.

  4. Silence becomes the best option in moment of ignorance and uncertainty… Try to be sure of what you are saying before actually voicing it out… otherwise you risk contradicting the truth… until then I will not say Yes or No

  5. dickson moses May 23, 2016 at 08:27 - Reply

    Hmmm may God have mercy
    I was watching his diplomatic service life major 1 is not missing he did give prophecy through phone if he was missing how than can he call?
    Pls my good people live this man alone to do what God called him for thanks
    ” Prophet shepherd bushiri missing” is a very big lie pls dnt buy the news think well before writing or publishing any thing.

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