Polytechnic lecturer Nazombe In Flirting Scandal: ‘Tatumiza Ujeni’

Polytechnic of University of Malawi (UNIMA) is quickly turning into an institution of porn stars and libidinous lecturers, raising doubts if at all the college maintains the value upon which it was created- higher level education.

Weeks ago it was students’ porn pictures that made rounds on social media, creating a buzz of how quickly scholars at the college are turning into sex addicts. Now it’s a leaked Whatsapp chat between a lecturer and a female colleague flirting.

Tajambula bele--Nazombe flirts with female colleague

Tajambula bele–Nazombe flirts with female colleague

Lecturer Mike Nazombe will surely dread this leaked conversation for it has revealed how libidinous and sexual pervert he is- who leers with burning desire to undress a every female creature he gazes upon.

In the leaked conversation which Malawi Punch got hold of, Nazombe could not resist but to divulge to his ‘prey’ Tamara Kambewa how ‘hottie’ he was and demanded nude pictures from her just to have a ‘good night’ sleep.

However, his prey did not submit to his game, infuriating the lecturer who stopped at nothing just to have nude picture of Kambewa.

Here is the conversation:  

[5/14, 21:51] Mike Nazombe: After church

[5/14, 21:51] Tamara kambewa: Undiuza

[5/14, 21:51] Tamara kambewa: Mumaweluka wat time

[5/14, 21:52] Mike Nazombe: Ngati ukufuna kuti tiyambepo mawa no problem

[5/14, 21:52] Mike Nazombe: Tatumizatu ujeni ndikuone sizili bho

[5/14, 21:53] Tamara kambewa: Kkkkkk

[5/14, 21:53] Mike Nazombe: Picture

[5/14, 21:53] Mike Nazombe: Ujeni

[5/14, 21:54] Mike Nazombe: Alo mabele

[5/14, 21:54] Tamara kambewa: Ujeni nde chani

[5/14, 21:54] Tamara kambewa: Kkkk

[5/14, 21:54] Mike Nazombe: aaaaa?

[5/14, 21:57] Tamara kambewa: Kkkkk

[5/14, 21:57] Tamara kambewa: Upaona mawa

[5/14, 21:57] Tamara kambewa: Nzakuyamwe?

[5/14, 21:58] Mike Nazombe: Udanditsilize

[5/14, 21:58] Mike Nazombe: Koma choonde tajambula ma bele okha ndione

[5/14, 21:58] Mike Nazombe: Mwina ndingagone

[5/14, 22:02] Mike Nazombe: Ine ndikufuna za iwe. Zeni zeni

[5/14, 22:03] Mike Nazombe: Izo nnatopa nawo

[5/14, 22:03] Mike Nazombe: Tajambula bele olo ujeni yako

[5/14, 22:03] Mike Nazombe: Am serious

[5/14, 22:03] Mike Nazombe: Am lonely

[5/14, 22:04] Tamara kambewa: Kkkkkk

[5/14, 22:05] Tamara kambewa: No flash

[5/14, 22:05] Tamara kambewa: Mawa

[5/14, 22:05] Mike Nazombe: iiiii iwe ndiwolimba ntima chonchi

[5/14, 22:06] Mike Nazombe: Olo magesi a mnyumba mwako its ok.

[5/14, 22:06] Mike Nazombe: Bele lokha chabwino

[5/14, 22:06] Tamara kambewa: Mmm kkkkkkkk

[5/14, 22:07] Mike Nazombe: pliz

[5/14, 22:09] Mike Nazombe: pliz

[5/14, 22:10] Mike Nazombe: Choonde ndavutika

[5/14, 22:11] Tamara kambewa: Mmmmmm abale inu

[5/14, 22:12] Mike Nazombe: I can see you can’t help . Thank you

[5/14, 22:14] Mike Nazombe: You are gone? Ok

[5/14, 22:15] Mike Nazombe: Owkey zikomo kwambiri

[5/14, 22:19] Tamara kambewa: Nyt

[5/14, 22:19] Tamara kambewa: Nude get leacked

[5/14, 22:19] Mike Nazombe: Mukucheza ndi ena.Owkey?

[5/14, 22:19] Mike Nazombe: No I won’t leak please

[5/14, 22:19] Mike Nazombe: If u care

[5/14, 22:20] Tamara kambewa: I begg u to respect me plz

[5/14, 22:20] Mike Nazombe: Please

[5/14, 22:20] Tamara kambewa: Thanx

[5/14, 22:20] Mike Nazombe: I won’t leak please

[5/14, 22:21] Mike Nazombe: I will respect ok?

[5/14, 22:22] Mike Nazombe: Owkey

[5/14, 22:22] Mike Nazombe: ?

[5/14, 22:24] Mike Nazombe: Shaaa walimbadi mtima?

[5/14, 22:24] Mike Nazombe: Owkey

[5/14, 22:24] Mike Nazombe: THANK YOU

[5/14, 22:46] Tamara kambewa: Good nyt darling

[5/14, 22:47] Mike Nazombe: Am not ur darling forget it

[5/14, 22:48] Tamara kambewa: Kkkkkk

[5/14, 22:48] Mike Nazombe: Iwe ndi wolimba mtima

[5/14, 22:48] Tamara kambewa: Cool

[5/14, 22:48] Mike Nazombe: You are inhuman

[5/14, 22:49] Mike Nazombe: Delete my number

[5/14, 22:49] Mike Nazombe: Let me go out

[5/14, 22:50] Mike Nazombe: U have failed to understand me sexually

[5/14, 22:50] Mike Nazombe: Sorry

[5/14, 22:51] Mike Nazombe: I spent all this tym with u u cudnt understand

[5/14, 22:52] Mike Nazombe: Thanx

[5/14, 22:55] Tamara kambewa: Its oky I CNT lose my divinity coz of a person I have just met today on fb. No no. Its ok find some one who can undress to u thru camera. Thanx

[5/15, 07:25] Tamara kambewa: Morning

[5/15, 07:38] Tamara kambewa: How was ur night

[5/15, 07:39] Mike Nazombe: Iwe get lost usanditopese and kundikwiisa.

[5/15, 07:40] Mike Nazombe: mmawa uno

[5/15, 07:40] Mike Nazombe: Am gong to church

[5/15, 07:41] Mike Nazombe: Please note with ur stupid behaviour and principles dzulo am no longer interested in you

[5/15, 07:42] Mike Nazombe: How d u think I survived

[5/15, 07:42] Tamara kambewa: Mmmmm abale

[5/15, 07:42] Tamara kambewa: How do I cool u

[5/15, 07:42] Mike Nazombe: Some of u ladies think u know amuna better when u dont

[5/15, 07:43] Mike Nazombe: You have lost your chance

[5/15, 07:43] Mike Nazombe: U want to show me kuti u r principled when u r not

[5/15, 07:44] Tamara kambewa: Nmmmmm

[5/15, 07:44] Tamara kambewa: Mike why

[5/15, 07:45] Mike Nazombe: If I am hule wud I bother to ask for ur body or bele. Cud I not just drive out to stereo chez or grand and grill and get a girl ?

[5/15, 07:47] Mike Nazombe: Don’t u know kuti ndikanaona that would enhance my desire even to miss u more and to see u today. Who ever tod u its bad???

[5/15, 07:48] Mike Nazombe: U show uncivility

[5/15, 07:48] Tamara kambewa: But plz nude get Leacked

[5/15, 07:48] Tamara kambewa: Kumayaluka

[5/15, 07:48] Mike Nazombe: Any way amnzanu anatithandiza and am meeting her today after church

[5/15, 07:49] Mike Nazombe: Inu khalani ndi ma principle a stupid anuwo

[5/15, 07:49] Mike Nazombe: Asazandilembelenso

[5/15, 07:49] Tamara kambewa: Oky

[5/15, 0[truncated by WhatsApp]

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