“Pani-yopako usadzanditumizirenso message” trending girl Chimz Kandulu tells Piksy

In an earlier publication, Malawi Punch revealed some intimacy messages that were exchanged between lawyer cum musician Ambokire Salimu and a girl who is trending so much on social media by the name Chimz Kandulu. You can read the article here: “Ndili ndi Nyere” – Girl flirts with Malawian lawyer Ambokire Salimu.

The same girl is at it again (Check out her FACEBOOK profile here: Chimz Kandulu). Malawi Punch has more messages of her, in which she exchanged with Piksy. In the message, Piksy texts to induce the girl into marriage and claims he is ready to accept who she is, a sex worker as he puts it in the messages.

What started as a lovey-dovey tête-à-tête sandwiched between the two goes vinegary when Piksy mentions that he heard the girl goes to drinking joints including Stereo in Blantyre.

It is at this crisis that she gets so peeved and fires malediction insults at Piksy. She disrobes him with all sorts of invectives. Read the screen shots of their messages below:


WhatsApp-Image-20160509 (1)

WhatsApp-Image-20160509 (3)

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