“I was not sleeping, that is a photoshoped image,” says the Anti-Public fart lawmaker Chaponda

After coming under fire for sleeping during parliament session where President Peter Mutharika was giving his boring speech, leader of the house George Chaponda has come out to defend himself saying the picture is fake and that he was very much awake.

“That is the work of my enemies. I was very much awake and listening to our president. I know even the other pictures are fake,” said Chaponda.

However, one can conclude to say Chaponda is biggest chump Malawi has ever had because the picture was a snap shot of the video taken by Zodiak TV that beamed the event live to viewers across Malawi.

Chaponda has always been in the news for all the wrong reasons despite DPP’s continued trust in his service. During Bingu administration, Chaponda was on record to have proposed a bill to ban public farting.

Chaponda is currently being groomed by DPP to take over power from Peter Mutharika who reports indicate that he is  not health and fit to carry on as Malawi president.

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