“Ndili ndi Nyere” – Girl flirts with Malawian lawyer Ambokire Salimu

As Malawi Punch reported few days ago, Malawi has horniest women in the world, according to a research by a condom manufacturing company Durex.

This might be solidified with the behaviour of women especially on social network where they are so free to tempt innocent men, who according to same research are impatient at erotic matters.

New on the chit chit is a screen shot of a FACEBOOK message showing a conversation between a girl named Chimz Kandulu and Malawi lawyer/cum musician Ambokire Salimu.

In the conversation, the girl openly tells the lawyer that “ndili ndinyere” (Am horny) and the lawyers takes no time to enquire where she is. Evidently, one can argue that the two have physically tested each other’s sweet things hence the openness.

Take a look at the screenshot below.

You can conclude what happened there after.

You can conclude what happened there after.

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