Mr Mutharika wants Prophet Bushiri arrested, instructs his media boys to relaunch attacks on the man of God

Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) President Mr Peter Mutharika, who is also President of Malawi has proved beyond reasonable doubt that he does not sleep well with Malawi’s most cherished man of God, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri of the Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) church.

This has been evidenced by the conduct of DPP and Mr Mutharika’s mouth piece Malawi voice, which run a fake story on Friday, November 11 claiming that the South African based preacher had been arrested at John F. Kennedy Airport in New York for being found in possession of cocaine.

Screenshot of an article by Malawi Voice.

Screenshot of an article by Malawi Voice.

However, Malawi Punch confirms that Prophet Bushiri did not travel to America on Friday. He was seen in his church during a live service in Pretoria.

This whole week, before Friday, Prophet Bushiri was reported to have been in Mauritius for a business  trip and he came back on Friday via his private jet before proceeding straight to Pretoria to conduct Friday Service and attend to his thousands of visitors from across the world.

However, In the story by Malawi Voice, it was alleged that he was released on bail after paying $100 thousand Dollars.

Officials from ECG denied the allegations and emphasized that the man of God is in South Africa conducting his church services and business as usual. He has not been to US this week.

“Papa will go to USA probably next week where he is expected to conduct a series of crusades and speak to other functions. If he was arrested on drug charges, his Travel Visa would have been evoked. What that attention news website from Malawi did is just an outcry of a failed government that cant run their nation’s affairs but waste time on people who are worked hard for their own good,” said one source from ECG identified as Lebogang Motsepe.

It is not known why Mr Mutharika has vowed to continue waging war against Prophet Bushiri by instructing his small and very poor errand boys Justice Mponda, Martin Nkasala and Austin Kakande to continue attacking the man of God despite his denial to contest in 2019.

One can tell that Mr Mutharika has all his energy on the man of God hence using tax payers money to fund the DPP propaganda mouthpieces, Malawi Voice and Malawi Independent to attack and defame Prophet Bushiri who is seen as a big political above opposition leaders.

DPP is said to be on a quest to regulate online media, when in point of fact, the biggest culprits and abusers of the internet hide in the state and get paid by tax payers money to support their evil deeds of attacking people using their mouth pieces.

Malawi Voice and Malawi Independent are briefcase news websites operated from the state house managed by Mr. Peter Mutharika’s junior and underpaid Press Officers, with funding from taxes by poor Malawians. They have of late attacked anyone who has constructively criticized government. They include Henery Kachanje, Ben Chiza Mkandawire, Goerge Kasakula of nation and Zodiak media house, among others.

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