Malawi President Peter Mutharika dresses down a lady in public – Malawi Punch Reports.

After attacking Zodiak, a media institution that Tereza Temweka Ndanga represents, Malawi President was not satisfied and could not even wait for her to finish asking her question before he jumped in to level some insults to her, accusing her and her media of alleged ‘health rumors.’

This incident happened today at Cadets Press Briefing at State House in Lilongwe.

The Harvard trained female journalist Tereza Ndanga was trying to find out who the president was meeting in the USA and why his government brought about information blackout.

Other journalists have already spoken out against the conduct of the president towards Tereza Ndanga. Nation News paper’s journalist James Chavula took to Facebook and wrote:

ON NDANGA’S MUTED VOICE: My thoughts are with my favourite Malawian journalist Teresa Chirwa Ndanga. May her unasked and stifled questions be monuments reminding us that our leaders have no time and ear to hear the pressing issues that Malawians want clarified.

The only woman on the microphone during the rally-ish presser, she stood pretty courageously in the face a political leader who thinks she belongs to a bunch of liars. When the President curtailed the inspirational Havard-trained ZBS reporter, this was my immediate reaction: Next time Mutharika tells you he is a listening leader, tell him good listeners listen to the very end before they weigh in.

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