“Madonna should bring back my son, I can take care of him now,” – says David Madonna’s biological father

Malawian farmer Yohane Banda, 42, says he is now ready to support his son David and that Madonna should bring him back. Malawi Punch understands.

According to information at hand, the father now works as a guard for G4S and has a salary to support the family. He believes he should connect to his son and teach him Malawian values.

Mark Chikusa from Mchinji, a friend to Yohane Banda (father of David) told this reporter that the biological Dad wants to involve government and facilitate David’s come back.

“He now works and believes he can care for his son so he wants Madonna to bring David back, if not, he has vowed to drag the singer to court for child trafficking,” explained Chikusa.

Among others, Yohane Banda admitted he is worried about David, 10, as the youngster is continuing to be separated from his sibling Rocco, 15, who is currently living in the UK with his father Guy Ritchie.

“He wants to give him a stable home. He just wants his son call him Dad and cherish him. Added Chikusa.

Yohane Banda gave up David when he was very young. Madonna adopted Adavid from an orphanage in Mchinji.

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23 thoughts on ““Madonna should bring back my son, I can take care of him now,” – says David Madonna’s biological father

  1. David must be a wizard. He just want that poor to suffer and that is what wizards do. A boy that have started a life of affluence you want to bring him to your evil coven.

  2. we are all poor but we never give up our children for adoption. Sir you dont have father instincts otherwise you wouldnt have given up your child. you are self centred nd now you want to earn cheap popularity. leave the boy alone..stop smoking weed and be real…

  3. Was Yohane well counselled at the time he gave up his son for adoption? Did he understand what it all meant. Was there a translater and a Lawywer to make Yohane Banda understand in his language what he was subjecting himself and David to???? Now he thinks it was a part time arrangement, Wow Strange !!!!

  4. There is something wrong with this guy u can’t just give him up for adoption then yrs later u want him back and if he had any Malawian values he wouldn’t of given up on the child on the first place now when the child is living a comfortable life he wants him back Nxah his not a toy

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