“Let me die peacefully at Ndata Farm” – Peter Mutharika’s Last Wish.

In a twist of events, it has been revealed by a very reliable source that Malawi President’s home coming is actually his ‘dying wish’ as he has emphasized to party officials and relatives that he wants to die at Ndata – Malawi Punch can exclusively reveal.

Ndata Farm: Mutharika wants to die here.

Ndata Farm: Mutharika wants to die here.

Mr Mutharika is seriously ill and this has been due to complications of different operations he had in the US at New York Presbyterian Hospital and later at Robertson Wood University hospital in New Jersey.

Mutharika’s long-standing sickness reached critical conditions while still in the United States where he had gone for the United Nations annual rituals – assembly number 17. Malawi’s health sector is seriously sick itself such that Mutharika took advantage of the trip and rushed to a hospital there.

However, his sickness and medical attention was not disclosed by his government which reppelled any rumours disclosing the same. Malawians eventually became more inquistive and wondered when Mutharika was willing to return home where his countrymen and their businesses are languishing in power drought.

Eventually, the Minister of Information Malison Ndau, announced that Mutharika will be arriving Malawi on Sunday (tomorrow) at 13hrs00 via Kamuzu International Airport in Lilongwe.

Mr Mutharika: Has made peace with death thoughts.

Mr Mutharika: Has made peace with death thoughts.

It is so far speculated that he will not give any speech and journalists will not be allowed.

This raises eyebrows holding questions as to why the President will not give members of the press an opportunity to address the nation about his prolonged journey at UNGA and also to give more details on the “other givernment duties” that the president had been carrying out in the US as per communicated by Minister Ndau.

In a very short period, DPP, through its politburo has promptly made serious appointments in the judicial system and the electoral body, raising even more questions as to the motive behind the rushy Appointments.

DPP supporters, with their swearing capacities, have been rushing at people who have questioned Mutharika’s health and whereabouts.

Malawi Punch understands that Mr Mutharika will not make any public appearances and upon his arrival, he will be taken to State House where he will rest awaiting his final move to Ndata where he wishes to stay until his final day.

It is believed that Mutharika has made peace with poor health and it was upon this request that Doctors in US did all they could to make sure he arrives home and die peacefully at Ndata as he has requested as his final wish, a wish that DPP gurus are finding it difficult to come to terms.

The DPP gurus, who are afried of regime change due to their prosecution-bound theft of public money, are on record to be preventing the take over of State power Vice President Saulosi Chilima by any means necessary to them.

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