CSOs plan a Press Conference on Monday to declare Chilima ‘President’ if APM fails to come on Sunday

Chilima: Has CSOs support.

Chilima: Has CSOs support.

As it happens, we have just been reliably informed that CSOs will hold a Press Conference on Monday to declare Chilima President should Mr Peter Mutharika fail to show up on Sunday.

Malawi President has been missing in action for weeks after he left the country for UNGA in US. Speculations have been viral on social media that he is seriously ill.

Malawi Punch’s recent findings show that he was taken to India from US where he is currently unable to speak.

Government, through Minister of Information Malison Nndau has constantly dismissed the rumours saying the President is “well and enjoying robust health while conducting business in the US.” He could not mention which individuals or companies that Mr Mutharika is meeting in the US after being queried by BBC.

Meanwhile, Malawi have expressed dismay in the manner government has failed to prove that Mutharika is indeed “well and enjoying robust health while conducting serious business.”

It has also been reported that DPP’s top gurus are planning to eliminate Vice President Chilima by any means necessary to make sure that he does not take over the hot seat according to section 87 of the land. This was revealed following a leaked message sent by NIB official asking his juniors on progress of Chilima’s elimination operation.

In the past 24 hours, ruling DPP has made serious appointments in the judicial system and at MEC. People have also scrutinized the appointments and find them unconstitutional.

“The only way this is possible is if the Presidential Office carried the whole Public Seal and Presidential Stationary with them to New York. It is possible but rather odd none must say. Ordinarily, seals are supposed to be kept in the seat of power. But I must hasten to add, there would be nothing untoward to signing and sealing a statutory instrument in the Big Apple,” argued Lawyer Sundu Madise in his article titled ‘The Appointment Dilemma.”

Malawians await the said President’s coming on Sunday, which this paper refuted as being DPP’s way to buy time while they implement evil operations against Veep Chilima and Malawi as a nation. It happened in 2012, it is happening again now in the eyes of everyone.


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