Malawi ring thugs run to Prophet Bushiri for help, begging for money kill each other

With the man of God trying his best to help poor and ungrateful Malawians, ring thugs, through their grouping of Malawi Boxing Association (MABA) have put forward their plea to the man of God to help them with money to fund their trip to Olympics where they are expected to exchange blows with other thugs from different countries across the world.

The ruffian’s representative Eliah Kamphinda Banda told a local paper that so far they have asked the man of God to help in supporting at least 5 amateur thugs called boxers to qualifiers in Azerbaijan in Baku.

“We have tried every way possible but it seems there is no opening beckoning us that’s why we are very optimistic that Man of God Major Prophet Bushiri can help,” he said, apparently acknowledging that Peter Mutharika has failed to fund their evil activities.

Boxing is considered ugly, evil and brutal because it aims to shade blood of the enemy through heavy blows that are exchanged mercilessly. People have died in the ring and others sustained injuries over the years.

Should the man of God be reduced to this point and fund these satanic activities when people are dying of hunger? Tell us your views. Send your opinion to [email protected]


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