Bakili Muluzi’s Son Zake Comes 5th In Scotland’s Strongest Man 2016

Former President Bakili Muluzi’s son, Zake became fifth in Scotland’s Strongest Man 2016 after scooping third position in the same competition last year.

Zake Muluzi knick-named “Malawi’s Monster” however, said was not disappointed by the results, challenging to come back stronger in other competitions.

Zake Muluzi posing with last year's medal

Zake Muluzi posing with last year’s medal

“When all was said and done I came out 5th at Scotland’s Strongest Man 2016. It is what it is, no excuses. I will now go home, reevaluate my performance and I will come back,” challenged Muluzi.

Luke “The Highland Oak” Stoltman won the competition for fourth time in a row with Tom Stoltman – Strongman on second. Paul “The Braveheart” Benton – Strongman with a consistent performance clinched 3rd position.

“Thank you to all the other competitors who made proceedings very hard. And to @Stuart Murray and team for another smoothly ran competition. Always humble in victory and defeat”.

Scotland’s Strongest Man Finals involved six activities namely, Dead Lift, log Lift, Human wheelbarrow, Car walk, Loading Medley, and Atlas stones.

The Loading Medley activity required the contesters to carry 4 implements each weighing 120kg over a distance of 10m and load them on to a platform; while in Atlas Stones the athletes had to load stones ranging from 130kg to 200kg onto platforms.

And in act of consolation, the young Muluzi over the weekend won one of the events from the Scotland’s Strongest Man; 300KG Farmers Walk into 220KG duck walk.

Zake Muluzi is a resident of Inverness in the highlands of Scotland.

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