Winiko Hits Back at DPP- “Am Ready To Be Killed”, As Party Demands Apology

The dog-eating-dog fight within the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has just taken an interesting twist as the haunted Mulanje South Member of Parliament Elias Bon Kalindo, who is reportedly in hiding, has hit back, challenging the party’s thuggish cadets to kill him.

DPP’s blood-thirsty cadets are hunting for Kalindo for staging half-naked demonstrations in Lilongwe on Thursday without a consent from the party which he represents in Parliament.

“I thought l was doing my party good by organizing demonstrations against Albino killings! Little did l know, am the one to be killed for condemning the act,” complained Kalindo.

Blood-thirsty DPP cadets hunting for Kalindo

Blood-thirsty DPP cadets hunting for Kalindo

DPP is a party synonymous with thuggish killings with one well known case of Polytechnic student Robert Chasowa who was killed in September 2011.

And on Saturday the cadets pounced on Kalindo as he was about to attend President Peter Mutharika’s rally at Limbuli in Mulanje district. They chased him in presence of other senior party officials.

However, the garrulous Parliamentarian has challenged the party to kill him.

“When you are ready to kill me, am more than ready! Soon or later, Malawians will make a statement! Am watching from behind the scenes!” he challenged.

DPP district governor, Charles Mchacha has demanded Kalindo to apologize for holding the demonstrations without consulting the party, saying he acted against DPP’s rules and regulations.

Mchacha speaking during the Mutharika’s rally said “Our President already spoke about the attacks and we wonder why Kalindo had to go it alone in the streets without getting an okay from the party.

Kalindo in red attire demonstrating for albinos

Kalindo in red attire demonstrating for albinos

“In DPP we follow rules we do not just wake up and decide on what to do. Despite that he was fighting for the protection of albinos who are being killed senselessly, he did not follow protocol,” said Mchacha.

During same rally DPP’s secretary general Ecklen Kudontoni branded Kalindo popularly known as Winiko as uncivilized.

“He has to apologize for denting the image of the party we are one and we act in civilized manner. However Kalindo is uncivilized that is why he wanted to protest naked,” shouted Kudontoni.

Kalindo might consider his act as a conduct of good faith as he pushes for safety of people with albinism who have lately become prey for money-thirsty people who are stopping at nothing to kill them for their body parts allegedly being used for get-rich-quick charms.

For the DPP cadets and the party’s top officials, Kalindo’s act is an insult and a mockery to the political grouping considering that their leader President Peter Mutharika and his government have been grappling to end the malpractice.

On Thursday Kalindo during the demonstration held in Lilongwe described the continued albino killings as being masterminded by the enemies of the State who are planning to bring Mutharika’s government down.

The demonstrations were aimed at forcing Members of Parliament to push for death penalty to all Albino killers.

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