Shame: George Chaponda Caught Sleeping In Parliament

He should have indubitably chosen another forum and most definitely appropriate time to take a nap, otherwise it was a comedy of error for the newly appointed Leader of the House, George Chaponda to be caught on camera fast asleep.

And it could not be worse than being caught taking a nap while your appointer is busy addressing the very same forum you are appointed to lead. Maybe he was allowed considering his new position.

Chaponda dozed into sleep while President Peter Mutharika was busy delivering State of the Nation Address during opening of 46th budget session of Parliament on Friday morning.

Is he a type of a leader one would love to have? It’s doubtful. And it won’t be a surprise if Parliamentarians ignore his authority, for he surely lacked etiquette considering the timing of his sleep.

Mutharika on Thursday appointed George Chaponda, Minister of Agriculture, as Leader of the House in Parliament replacing Francis Kasaila, Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Corporation.

Surprisingly, it was not only Chaponda who got bored by Mutharika’s long speech based on some of the pictures (below) captured on Zodiak television.

MP Gaffa also took a nap

MP Gaffa also took a nap


I am enjoying my sleep as well–MP captured sleeping


Why should i be left out–MP caught on camera fast asleep

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One thought on “Shame: George Chaponda Caught Sleeping In Parliament

  1. This is crime, These people must be prosecuted. They are thieves. The money they were to be paid must go to rescue the girls in Kuwait. This is government leakage, waste. We need to save this government money. May be Mr President is so blind that he cant see where the government is losing money. Every time we open the news, its about money been stolen from the government and yet the government says there is no money. If these people can sleep on camera how much more in their offices where nobody can see them. How does the government measure performance of MPs and Ministers? How does Mr President appoint leader of the house in parliament. We need a review of the constitution on how an MP may lose a seat from Parliament which will be inline with the reasons which brought them in parliament. As for now a normal person can see that these lads are sleeping therefore ripping off the poor voters and must be charged for theft. The families of the abused girls in Kuwait need not to worry as the money saved from these lads will rescue the girls and may each be given something to start a small business when they are back because the money saved is too much…… be continued..
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