Am quiting football to join politics, Malawi needs a Raster President – Fisher Kondowe

Malawi national football team legendary player Fischer Kondowe has expressed his interest to contest for presidency citing that Malawi needs a president who smokes weed to appreciate the rights of others.

According to Kondowe, he is better suited for the job and he is receiving pressure from people to contest in 2019.

Fisher Kondowe told Malawi Punch that he feels he is better suited for the job despite pressure from citizens.

“Jah man, Malawi needs a lot of changes and new blood. We have the issue of albinos being killed every day but no effort from government to stop this. I believe if our president smoked weed he would have understood the needy to address issues properly,” he said.

“I can so far confirm that over five people have approached me to stand as president and I know they are speaking for the majority and seriously, the first thing will be to legalise weed when I win and to bring a factory that will process weed into different things including medicine,” said Fisher.

Kondowe also condemned the issue of homosexuality saying the people indorsing it need be born again and receive Haile Selassie as their saviour.

“Bad man should fall. I curse all Babylonian witches promoting same sex marriages. Fire upon the all including their donors. I will behead all of them when I become president,” explained Fisher.

In 2014, Fisher wanted to stand as a Member of Parliament but was stopped by MEC when he couldn’t produce a voter’s registration ID because he did not know that one can only contest only if he registered to vote. However, Fisher says he will be one of the first people to register in 2019.

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