Opposition Tears Apart Mutharika’s SONA, labels It Boring And Empty

Leaders of opposition parties in Parliament have taken turns to tear apart of President Peter Mutharika State of the Nation Address (SONA), describing it boring and uninspiring.

Leader of Opposition in Parliament and Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president Lazarus Chakwera said Mutharika’s speech on Friday was utterly pathetic as it failed to inspire hope.

It was boring-- Mussa

It was boring– Mussa

And People’s Party (PP) acting president Uladi Mussa and Alliance For Democracy (AFORD) president, Enock Chihana have described the speech as empty and boring.

Mussa said Mutharika failed to give a solution to another very pressing issue of poverty alleviation while Chihana said the President to chart way forward where his administration is heading.

“This speech is empty, there’s literally nothing new from it, whatever he has talked here is what he has said before. We expected him to touch on issues to do with albino killings and abductions.

“We expected him to tell us where are we on issues to do with same sex marriage which his government suspended the laws, is it still like that or he has changed tune or what’s his stand now? All that is missing in this address,” argued Mussa.

“He was busy repeating issues like Phalombe hospital which we have been debating and funding for years. In general I don’t see anything sense which is new in this address”.

Chihana: It lacked substance

Chihana: It lacked substance

On the other hand, Chihana wondered what was it that Mutharika was trying to say in the House, arguing his address was a familiar script and all Mutharika can offer is more of the same.

“It was simply empty rhetoric address. Malawi is under severe stress as a result of the numerous pressing challenges the country is facing including lack of good leadership,” said Chihana.

On his part, Chakwera said Mutharika speech was only descriptive without its prescription, as only telling problems without solutions, a thing he said leaves Malawians with alot of questions on how the outlined problems will be solved.

“One of the things you have to bear in mind is that the President has acknowledged that we are still in a bad shape as a nation,” said Chakwera.

He noted that Mutharika’s narrative has not changed for the past two years.

“I choose to dream with Malawians of a presidency for the people, not for the government. I choose to dream with Malawians of a country where farmers make more money from their crops than traders. I choose to dream with Malawians of a country where government salaries are paid punctually by the order of a system, not tardily by the orders of a President. I choose to dream with Malawians of a country whose cities have tarred roads and landscaped sidewalks, not dirty roads, potholes, and bushes”.

Malawi is battling under the burdens of unemployment, crime, power cuts, poor health care, collapsing education system and weakening Kwacha.

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