No Permanent Enemies In politics: MCP MP Lunguzi Meets JB

Who said there are permanent enemies in politics? Well, to those believing in the notion, might as well rethink it.

On Tuesday Dedza East Malawi Congress Party (MCP) Parliamentarian Juliana Lunguzu proved that no matter the political indifference among local parties, there is still amity among the top faces- as evidenced in the pictures below.

No permanent enemies in politics- Lunguzi meets Joyce Banda 2016

No permanent enemies in politics- Lunguzi meets Joyce Banda 2016

Lunguzi and JB1

First meeting in 2010

Lunguzi who is Chairperson for Parliamentary Committee on Health shared pictures with former President Joyce Banda at Bella Center in Copenhagen, Denmark where they are attending Women Deliver 2016 Conference.

Lunguzi is one of the panelists at the conference that started on Monday 15th May and will end on Thursday 19th. The Women Deliver 2016 Conference is the largest meeting of girls’ and women’s advocates this decade, with more than 5,000+ global leaders, policymakers, advocates and youth from 150 countries attending.

“The next Malawian I have met needs no introduction. Just to say that I have loved this coincidence because the first time we met at yet another Women Deliver Conference was in June 2010 in Washington, DC (see 2nd pic where I am in a Safe Motherhood dress). That time – 2010, I was working with UNFPA, while JB was the Vice President of the Republic of Malawi,” wrote Lunguzi.

“She then rose to the presidency of Malawi and we were, during Campaign 2014, pitted on opposite sides. She was, as you know, the Peoples Party’s (PP) flag carrier; while I was making maiden steps at parliamentary level under the banner of my beloved MCP”.

Part of the panel- Lunguzi

Part of the panel- Lunguzi

She added: “Today, PP and MCP are in opposition, together, providing checks and balances in this our chosen dispensation of the plural politics we are enjoying. As fate would have it, here we are in 2016, Jlu and JB meeting at yet another Women Deliver Conference”.

What more can she say? “amoyo salekana”. Lunguzi called on for civilized politics among Malawians politicians.

“And that our political differences should not make us enemies. This is why civilized politicking and behaving as civilized beings in politics is important. This world of ours is round, and Malawi too small and beautiful a country for one to have “enemies” in. Let us lead by example by spreading love!”

having good time- Lunguzi and RSA singer Yvonne Chaka Chaka

having good time- Lunguzi and RSA singer Yvonne Chaka Chaka

“BUT having said that, our passions and intentions will remain dreams; 1. IF as a nation, together regardless of political leanings, we don’t translate this passion into sustainable gains for the marginalized girls and boys at Golomoti, Nthalire – Chitipa, Kasinje –Ntcheu, Guilleme – Mchinji, Ntaja – Machinga, M’baluku – Mangochi, Zorozoro, Ndirande, and Mchesi; 2. IF as one people, we do not start looking at developmental issues without political lens so as to soberly drive Malawi to her destiny, the destiny of a corrupt free and thriving country, for all Malawians.

“Having said that, I want to relay Madam JB’s greetings to you all: She loves you all, she keeps you in her prayers and says: “Moni! Moni! Moni nonse!” Please stay in touch with me, your Namulangeni, as I bring Women Deliver Conference 2016, to your smartphones, Apps and gadgets; one thing –one issue and one step, at a time!”

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