Mutharika Demands Church To Rise Up Against Corruption, Killing Of Albinos

President Peter Mutharika has urged the faith community to help government in fighting moral corruption and evil in all its disguises, noting that early missionaries fought slavery because it was evil for one human to sell another human and turn him into a beast of burden.

Mutharika also called on Malawians to embrace and “build in our hearts” national virtues of patriotism, integrity and hard work.

The Malawi leader said this during celebrations marking 125th anniversary of the St. Michaels and All Angels Church in Blantyre on Sunday.

Lets rise up against injustices

Lets rise up against injustices

“What we call human trafficking today is nothing but modern slavery. Let the church be the comforter of those being persecuted, and the solace of the suffering. We must comfort them with the assurance of Psalms. “Though they plot evil against you and devise wicked schemes, they shall not succeed.”

“Rise up and speak for the voiceless. Let us be part of that religion which St. James speaks of in the Bible – a religion that is pure and faithful before God, because you have cared “for orphans and widows in their distress,” advised Mutharika.

The Malawi leader said the church has an important role in building the nation, hence the call to fight evil and moral corruption in society.

He also asked the church to rise up and speak against human trafficking and rampant killings of persons with albinism.

Mutharika also took trouble to condemn “unpatriotic” and “lazy” Malawians who steal drugs from the hospitals.

“Then we have those unpatriotic and lazy Malawians stealing drugs from the hospitals. Why should you steal medicine for someone suffering and dying in a hospital bed? Stealing medicine is killing! It is evil that must be condemned by every church. It is our calling to preach on every pulpit against the evils of our times.

“Now we have the persecution of albinos. And today, I have a plea of compassion to the church across this country. We cannot allow albinos to be persecuted and suffer just because God created them as they are. No human must suffer for being what they are.

“Many Malawians have said the church is silent about the persecution of albinos. The church must rise up to pray for the persecuted; defend albinos and expose this sin.

“Today, albinos are hunted like animals of prey; slaughtered without mercy; and their bones sold like common market commodities. What has become of us as a nation? Where is our umunthu? Something is seriously wrong with the morality of our society,” wondered Mutharika.

He also reminded Malawians that no society can develop without sound moral principles, observing that “God is the foundation of our morality”.

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