The malawi congress party (MCP) has suspended some of its Party members  Malawi Punch has learnt.

this has come after some controversy among the party officials as others say  the party is intolerant and the leadership is nepotistic.


MCP spokesperson Jessie Kabwila, who is also Saima North-West member of parliament (MP)  and veteran politican and legislature  Joseph Njobvuyalema are the big party officials that the party has suspended so far.

In a move  to quell dissent in the party, The torch bearer   summoned a National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting in Lilongwe on Wednesday but turned out to be more destructive as party cadres  barred secretary general Gustav Kaliwo from the meeting roughed up

Some officials  suspected to be in the ring of dissenting views were also reportedly assaulted by patry cadres,NEC meeting which was organised to resolve some party issues was a flop as it was shunned by kabwila and jumbe.

The members however proposed that they should be suspended pending disciplinary hearing.

the other party members who have been fired are Chatinkha Chidzanga Nkhoma, Lyton dzombe, chatonda kaunda, Dennis Nathumba, Iaac Jere, Gwazantini,Hazam mwale.

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