Malawians Angry With Mutharika’s DPP Govt K1.7 Trillion Abuse

Malawians have started expressing their anger towards President Peter Mutharika’s administration following revelations that close to MK1.7 trillion has been abused by government officials.

Leader of opposition, Lazarus Chakwera firstly highlighted the issue when he was responding to President Mutharika’s station of nation the address in Parliament.

Malawians angry with Mutharika

Malawians angry with Mutharika

Members of the general public that have spoken to Capital FM have expressed shock over the development, arguing that the amount is too huge to have been spent with a period of two years.

Others are however choosing to differ, stressing that the turbulent economy and natural disasters that hit the country recently, are the reason behind the bloated bill incurred by Lilongwe.

They both agree on the need for a radical shift in the manner in which the public pulse is implemented, pointing out that it has a lot of holes that have seen government officers making away with huge sums of money that could have benefited Malawians.

Critics are heaping the blame on both parliamentarians and the public for their passiveness.

Some of the issues that have seen the government of Malawi adjusting its expenditure figures include food shortage, drug and staff shortage in hospitals, high inflation that has seen the cost of living souring.

The current Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) administration assumed power 2 years ago, when President Mutharika was voted into office in May 2014.

It is estimated that about 35% of government funds have been stolen over the past decade. The impoverished country’s national budget for 2013-14 was about US$1.3 billion

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