Lucius Banda Defends Winiko, Dares DPP

The Opposition United Democratic Front (UDF) Law-maker for Balaka North Lucius Banda defended fellow Parliamentarian Elias Bon Kalindo’s action to demonstrate for albinos, arguing Members of Parliament are not party booty-lickers.

Kalindo has become target of attacks and death threats from his own political party Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) after he successfully held demonstrations in Lilongwe on Thursday to push for death penalty for those convicted of killing people with albinism.

Over the weekend DPP cadets chased Kalindo from President Peter Mutharika’s rally at Limbuli in Mulanje district while threatening to kill him for not seeking party’s consent to hold the half-naked demonstrations.

Am ready to die- kalindo

Am ready to die- Kalindo

However, veteran musician and Parliamentarian Lucius Banda has backed his fellow artist, arguing MPs and other party members have the freedom of expression and opinion just as any other citizens.

”We may win elections and become Members of Parliament. We can listen or obey you as our
political party leaders but be assured we have a free mind, We are self made, We have no
relationship with fear,” said Banda.

Banda has challenged DPP that by fighting one of the country’s artists, the party is igniting war against the entire art industry.

”We are true products of blood sweat and tears so if you try to fight us you won’t manage because we are in the first place artist. We see far, what you see today while standing we saw last year while seated. We are artist you fight one you fight us all.”

Lucius Banda made the headlines last year after he refused to relocate to the government side in the Parliament following a political marriage between UDF and DPP.

Meanwhile, the garrulous Parliamentarian Kalindo popularly known as Winiko has challenged the party to kill him.

“When you are ready to kill me, am more than ready! Soon or later, Malawians will make a statement! Am watching from behind the scenes!” he challenged.

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