Latest: Winiko Brands Fellow MPs ‘Selfish People’ Who Want More Money For Their Big Bellies

Controversial Mulanje South Member of Parliament (MP) Elias Bon Kalindo has branded fellow Parliamentarians who have been causing uproar in the august House over their General Purpose Fund (GPF), as greedy and selfish people.

Parliamentarians especially from opposition have been taking government to task, demanding an explanation on delays regarding access to the General Purpose Fund which is stipulated in their Conditions of Service.


Opposition Parliamentarians leading the uproar

Some of the entitlements in the Terms and Conditions of Service of the MPs include an emergency loan of K1 million apart from car loans and other allowances.

And garrulous Kalindo popularly known as Winiko has distanced himself from those in favor of the issue, arguing the Parliamentarians are selfish to ignore the plight of poor Malawians and the economic challenges the country is currently experiencing.

He has since called for the abolishment of the National Assembly, if the Parliamentarians continue to put personal interests first, as such does not represent the views of poor Malawians.

“To all members of Parliament and our demands as per conditions of service! In as much as l belong to the house and the would be beneficially of such benefits, l would like to distance myself from such claims and call those in favor of this and the master minders as “SELFISH PEOPLE” with selfish minds!” wrote Kalindo on his Facebook page.

He added: “Malawi is facing economic hurdles and l feel it’s high time Members of Parliament ought to be exemplary and help this country grow! We all need money yes but as elected members of the august House; we should have first of all considered and put the interest of poor Malawians who are sleeping on an empty stomach due to lack of food and other necessities!”

Cross-section of MPs sleeping in Parliament yet demands more money

Cross-section of MPs sleeping in Parliament yet demands more money

Kalindo said instead of pushing for their benefits, Parliamentarians should have been on forefront to bring end to Albino killings by endorsing to his motion for the country to imposing death penalty sentences on those involved in the malpractices.

Kalindo is expected to lead a naked demonstration in Lilongwe next week to push for the adoption of the motion.

“Instead of attending to issues of national interest, we are busy pushing government to allocate more funds for our big bellies when 17million plus Malawians are suffering! When shall we come to realize, we are there to protect and bring change to the suffering? And because its money this time, we are now able to stand and shout!”We want our money or we will sabotage the budget? Who do you want to kill, Mutharika?” argued Kalindo.

He further called MPs to be ashamed on their ‘selfish’ demands, arguing the conduct only depicts their interest to siphon government’s money.

“Put Mutharika in your shoes, how would you feel? And yet we think we are punishing him not knowing, we are punishing our own people from our constituencies! Let us not surround the president to satisfy our needs but rather to make Malawians out there to be satisfied! These unbecoming demands, will not make Ma desired nation, there is nothing for us without us!

“Let’s all unite to bring about change for the betterment of our country where most Malawians are living below poverty line! This nonsense must stop, we are not the only ones to deserve better life and do not think, there are no Malawians who are more capable, intelligent and ready to bring meaningful development out there”.

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