Eisenhower Mkaka, Prof Kalua dubs budget ‘consumption budget’

The governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has once again been accused by another economic analyst on top of Eisenwhower Mkaka that the 2016/17 budget is mainly focused on consumption rather than development.
Chancellor College based economic expert, Ben Kalua has expressed worry over the way government has budgeted for the year 2016/17.
Kalua said that the budget only focuses on consumption a scenario that will not lead to development in the country.
Before him another economic commentator said the same but government trashed his remarks saying they were politically motivated since he is from the opposition side.
“When I said it, some people came attacking me saying i was politicising the whole issue. Now this is Ben Kaluwa, an economics professor at Chancellor College speaking. What do you say?” Eisenhower Mkaka asked.
“We have a K1.2 trillion budget of which K815 billion is recurrent budget (consumption), and K317 billion is development budget. Of the MK317 billion, we are “hoping” developing partners to give us MK280 Billion, meaning that we are ready to part with MK37 billion only of our own resources.
“Mind you the minister acknowledges shrinking domestic business activity and unpredictable donor activity,” he said, adding: ” How can a person building a house expect well wishers to provide him with building materials? This is madness.”
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