I Can Sleep Too: Uladi Mussa On Camera Sleeping In Parliament

‘Chaona mzako chapita, mawa chili kwa iwe’ so goes the saying. The opposition parties, especially the former ruling Peoples Party (PP) has now clearly been forced to retreat on its mockery over recent Leader of Government in Parliament George Chaponda’s gaffe when he was captured on camera sleeping while President Peter Mutharika was making his State of the Nation Address last Friday.

A week later, PP’s leader in Parliament Uladi Mussa has also been captured deeply enjoying his sleep through Thursday’s parliamentary debate on the State of the Nation Address.

Sleeping- Mussa

Sleeping- Mussa

Worst still, it was Mussa’s snoring that intrigued and amused the 193-member august House.

Ironically, Mussa was snoring while in front of  United Democratic Front (UDF) lawmaker Lucius Banda who had taken the floor to contribute on the State of the Nation Address.

And most surprisingly, he was on forefront leading other Parliamentarians in condemning Chaponda and others who were captured sleeping in Parliament.

Maybe he wanted to find out how it feels being captured sleeping while Parliament is in session, or lets guess, he might have had a quick one- you know what that is- before he joined fellow members in the House.



At this juncture, its is clearly, most of our Parliamentarians do not have the will of people at heart, instead they are happy to enjoy the nap in the House while pocketing hefty allowances.

Need evidence why at 51 years after Independence and we are still a begging  nation? Read the eyes of these sleepy ‘honorables’, surely the answer lies in there.


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