Call to Protest this Friday: Bushiri the next President, ERP to be formed – Dzuka Malawi

Malawi – A group of civil society leaders and the majority of chiefs, secretly gathered at regional level on Sunday May 22 to plan for anarchy against DPP led government for continued lies and failures. Our source has said the country needs to come together before the nation “explodes”, calling on citizens to meet this Friday to demand President Mutharika to resignation.

The group’s plan of action involves gathering as many Malawians as it can to meet at various places around the country to hold massive demonstrations nationwide. On Sunday, 22 May 2016, the organisers through the pressure group of chiefs met to strategize the move. It is revealed that citizens were convinced to hold organised discussions in villages, townships, churches, about how to stage the resignation protest against President Mutharika and his sleeping cabinet. “We called on every Malawian to discuss what is wrong with the country and play an action” said our Source Brian Mzumacharo from Mchinji.

In conjunction, the group said it would organise a national consultation before Friday 27 May 2016 to stir up and hear the voices of ordinary citizens. “So far we have asked citizens to drop their plans and join us.” Said, Ludzi catholic priest in Mchinji who refused to disclose his name. We need to stand up for the voiceless people and it is not wrong as bible assures us on Proverbs 21 verse 13 that “whoever shuts his ears to the cry of the poor will also cry himself and not be heard” he added.

“Friday May 27 is around the corner. We call on everyone to make this a day of action. This year and this month to be specific, we must use force to reclaim a freedom that has been stolen by DPP regime and all selfish politicians. We left our trust in MCP and PP but they have both failed us including PAC” Chief Mbwatalika said. “We thought our opposition parties would defend our rights and constitution in putting government to task, but they are all alike. What they wanted all along is for us pull down Mutharika for their motives but we have another plan. Read the whole article here:

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