Billy Mayaya Tells DPP Cadets To Embrace Democracy

Malawi’s top Human Rights Activist Billy Mayaya has called upon Democratic Progressive Party(DPP) Cadets and youth in the country to embrace democracy.

Mayaya made the appeal on Wednesday during a Social media Debate chaired by Economics Association of Malawi (ECAMA) president Henry

Mayaya said that most Malawi youth have misinterpreted and misunderstood the term democracy.

Billy Mayaya

Billy Mayaya on DPP cadets

”Youth have largely abdicated their role and have been used as tools of disorder like the young democrats and cadets. They have misunderstood their role.

”They are no longer volunteers for community initiatives which were the hallmark of the one party regime e.g Youth Week,” said Mayaya.

He added that,”If the youth are the future of this nation, they need to take charge of the present and future by engaging in development as well as working hard in school so that they have the necessary tools to empower them.”

In support of Mayaya,a former Malawi State House Press Officer Gerald Viola said that youth have not benefited from democracy.

”Offices are full with old people while youth are their for violence against opponents both on the ground and on face book. As youth, we are not benefiting what democracy was supposed to have brought to

He also said that most of the youth are beggars because politician just use and damp them like condoms.

”Youth are beggars because of being neglects but only being used and dumped during and after voting period respectively.”

The debate which attracted over 😯 comments was titled “State of Democracy in Malawi – Reflecting on the Past, Taking Stock of the Present, Strategising for a Bright Future.”

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