Uladi Mussa hits at Bushiri-PP Connection. Claims Chaponda tried to Buy him to lead DPP

According to Malawi Voice, Peoples Party (PP) acting president Uladi Mussa says the former ruling party is not in any working relationship with Shepherd Bushiri, saying it’s only some of the party’s key members who patronize the flamboyant prophet’s sermons.

PP founding president Joyce Banda is not only an ardent follower of Bushiri’s ministry but also a regular preacher at his Pretoria, South Africa based church. And in recent weeks, some vocal orange youth on social media such as Kasambala have invested their time, resources and professions in the defence of the controversial ‘man of God’.

Last week, David Kalilani released his ‘Osaopa’ hit song, which has since failed, “another DPP slap” on Bushiri.
However, Uladi Mussa has said the aforementioned scenarios are no indication that Bushiri’s church is slowly merging with the PP.

“There is no connection between PP and Shepherd Bushiri. He is not even funding our activities. PP and Bushiri have never been in any meeting, as an acting president myself, I have never met him. But I know that some members of PP do attend his preaching,” said Mussa.

Joyce Banda-Bushiri connection dates back in 2013 when the prophet mis-predicted that the PP leader was going to win the May 2014 presidential polls.

“I can see the whole country wearing orange, like this neck-tie,” said Bushuri, while carrying an orange neck-tie, as he was the prophesy that never came to pass.

As their relationship deepened, Bushiri made another prophesy that Willie Kalonga was going to be appointed Director of Elections at the Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) by the then Malawi leader Joyce Banda.

Later, Malawi Voice uncovered evidence which suggested that Willie Kalonga had been paying Bushiri’s rentals at Cross-roads Hotel in Lilongwe as ‘seed money’, and as a token of appreciation, Bushiri convinced his ‘mother-in-spirit’ Joyce Banda to hand him the job at MEC.

Meanwhile, speculations are rife that Chaponda and Muluzi tried to buy Uladi Mussa Mussa.

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