Shocking: George Chaponda and fellow DPP Thugs Killing Mutharika, Malawi Punch cries with Malawians.

Let’s us take you back to a few weeks ago. Malawi Punch was one of the first, if not the very first to break the news that Malawi President, Mr Peter Mutharika, was seriously ill in the US. A lot people came on this page and levelled all sorts of insults to Malawi Punch management for saying that the President was sick. To them, the tidings were an insinuation and product of malicious propaganda from opposition.

Such are some of the things we go through in this media business. You can never please anyone neither can truth be appreciated universary. The moment we write something bad about DPP, MCP will surely smile and vice versa. So, using our connections, we managed to put you in the know zone regarding Mr Mutharika’s health.

From New York Presbyterian Hospital where he underwent UTI operation, he was moved to Robertson Wood University Hospital where he also had another operation. Each time we laid bare such concealed information, the DPP functionaries masquerading as cadets would gang up and come on the website to float a package of classified insults.

Malawi Punch, being made up of professionals, never rested and gave out every detail much to the bad taste of all cadres and blue mafias. When days of Mr Mutharika’s home coming were fast approaching, we lastly reported that he was in India (Asia) and not America. Everyone thought we lied and others still take it as a lie.

In the end, Mutharika’s home coming proved beyond reasonable doubt that Malawi Punch had been reporting the truth all along. He came using Qatar chartered aircraft. Well, in your right senses, who would charter a plane from Qatar to fly to USA and pick up a sick President, flying him to Malawi? That is very costly and the distance doesn’t add up.

Malawi government hired a plane from Qatar because it is just one hour flight from Qatar to India and as per our information, India private jets are very expensive compared to the one that was hired from Qatar.

On arrival, every sane Malawian saw that the President was in pain. His hand, which some analytical people have zoomed, proved what we had reported. The man was on a Dialysis Machine and it could be seen from the zoomed picture that it grew tired of heavy drips hence the suffered stroke which was also attributed to his brain tumour sickness.

DPP mercinarries and diehards, due to their greed and selfish reasons made it possible to stop the president from accessing good medical help all in the name of pleasing their bellies.

When the hashtag #BringBackMutharika trended, it was not that Malawians wanted the President in the country for fun, this was because the government, through the village reverend Malison Ndau who is the Minister of Information lied to Malawians that Mr Mutharika was enjoying “robust health and conducting government business as usual.”

This was a lie of blue and red colours mixture. Everyone saw that the President “is enjoying robust pain” due to his sickness. What the criminals, as they ought to be called now, are doing to Peter Mutharika is the same treatment they gave to Bingu in their desoerate efforts to conceal ailment in the interest of preventing the Vice President from assuming presidential powers as per Constitutional mandate. This is treason of the highest order.

Bingu was not well months or weeks before his death, but the mafias of the party forced him to keep executing his duties. What came next? A fatal cardiac arrest that unfairy reaped his life off the face of earth.

Now history is repeating itself. We, at Malawi Punch, are saddened by the conduct of these blue mafias in the midist of worsening health of the president. We hold nothing against the president than his people surrounding him who are using and abusing him in a clear puppet fashion. It becomes a forceful anticipation hence that with what the DPP criminals are doing will, in the end, finish Mutharika off and we will be served with yet another State funeral – God forbid. There is no way you pretend that the President is not sick whilst he can’t even feel his own hand or speak ardently.

Warning to you DPP criminals, if anything happen to our State President, we will surely take you to task. In short, hear this Chaponda and your fellow greedy, opportunistic, and heartless friends who fit the bill of bastards: Malawians are watching you.

Malawi is taking note of your satanic decisions on the life of our State President. If you want to lead Malawi, do so by seeking voluntary vote of the majority and not by murder of the current President via your misinformed efforts of preventing the Constitutionally-mandated heir to the throne in such unfortunate circumstances of the president’s significant health lapse.

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