Salute Bushiri, Be Inspired and NOT Intimidated

Bushiri speaking at the launch

Bushiri speaking at the launch

The turning point is here, youth are able, capable and full of potential to be successful. It doesn’t matter where we are from, be it from some remote corner of Malawi or not, but the brain is our core asset and capital to make a difference in underlining a life of purpose, meaning, inspiration, motivation and innovation.

Hate him, love him or loathe him, young as he is, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri continues to defy the odds and comprehensively continues to be a force to reckon with in terms of making things happen.

While others choose to bend his success story on negative angles, we can only settle for the positive side and be inspired by his charisma in business and persuasion.

The Bushiri success story teaches us young people lots of positive stories. One, we don’t need to be in politics to make an impact in people’s lives or indeed amass wealth. Two, when the society throws stones at your every success dot, amass the stones and comprehensively use them to lay a concrete-strong dock to anchor more and more success errands.

Three, being young isn’t a barrier and your talent can propel you to greater heights. Four, every one is unique in their own way and yes, your charisma and networking skills in this global village count; do not push a door that says pull and don’t pull that which says push. Five, rule your destiny and while others invest their energies in pulling you down, keep making things happen and let your progressive successes speaker louder for you.

Dear young people, each one of us has what it takes to stand out, grow wings and fly in this world of endless possibilities. Let the success of fellow young people excite our inspiration and motivation. Remember, impossible is I’m possible and the Bushiri diary is a practical example!

The fact that he’s young and Malawian shouldn’t make us uncomfortable and enviously undermine or indeed discredit his credible achievements.

Opinion by: Rogers Siula, a very respected social changer from Malawi.

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