Bravo Germany but let my govt swindle the fund

By Chikondi Lungu              

As the Republic of Germany on Tuesday pumped in a 45 Million Euros (Mk 36 Billion) fund to help Malawi in health, education and social protection sector, a usual worry remains, will our government use the fund effectively?


With the infamous plunder of public funds associated with the current government a lot of Malawians are in a position where even time will find it difficult to heal their mistrust in government handling public funds.


Germany Ambassador to Malawi, Jurgen Borsch, emphasized that the Republic of Germany is targeting on having an improved education and health systems and creation of job opportunities especially in rural areas, and imagine a blow it would seeing the money re- directed into personal pockets.

Germany Ambassador Jurgen Borsch

Germany Ambassador Jurgen Borsch presenting the fund


Under the bilateral cooperation between Germany and Malawi, Germany committed to support Malawi with 102 million Euros (Mk78.6 Billion) and the 45 million Euros is part of the package.


In additional to the financial cooperation, Germany also provided the country with 4million Euros (Mk3.1 Billion) as a response to the hunger crisis facing the country; was the money pasted on the right angle?


We pray government should walk the talk on this one. We heard the Minister of Finance, Hon Goodall Gondwe on radio saying- out of the total amount, 10 Million Euros will be channelled to the health and education sectors while the remaining amount would be used in social cash transfer programme; let it be according.


Bravo Germany, let’s see what happens after.



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