Letter to Panther On Capital: “You should have told me you were HIV Positive”

DJ Panther

DJ Panther

Dear Mr DJ Womaniser.

I wish I had the right greetings for you, but my heart is filled with sorrow and pain, that you so willingly chose to inflict upon my soul. For the love I had for you, I have managed to stay stronger and thanks to the treatment that I have been receiving, I believe I will live for a couple of months.

What pains me the most is that you have chosen to abandon me in this difficult time. You even blocked me on WhatsApp and you no longer pick up my calls. What started as the best thing has ended to this.

I gave you all my love hopping you would always be there for me, but after sleeping with me and infecting me with the deadly disease, you found it so timely to leave and jump to your next victim, a young girl from MIT that I believe you have already infected with your love for unprotected sex.

I pray that someday, you will come to realize and be responsible and slow down on your womanising behaviour. I feel sorry for the girls who are swayed by your good English, the same tool that lured me into your trap.



I just wanted to let you know that the virus you gave me has done a great deal shortening my life and as I go to my early grave, I just want you to know that I made peace with everyone including you. Please do not bother unblocking me on WhatsApp or writing to me.

This is the only way I could reach out to you and tell you that you killed me when you manipulated me into unprotected sex while you knew for sure that you are on ARVs.

I know you know who this is even without mentioning my name. Your girls should take care if they are reading this.

Yours sicky, Gertrude Phiri
Disclaimer: The views in this letter, published under opinion are those of the writer and not Malawi Punch. Should Mr Panther On Capital (Capital Radio DJ) wish to respond, please email [email protected]

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