The DPP Led Government Does Not Care For Teachers

What is the purpose of wasting tax payers money training teachers at the University of Malawi, Chancellor College in particular, when the DPP government is failing to simply award degrees to a few deserving and well trained teachers?

It is a well known fact that Malawi lags behind in terms of development. Among other reasons, is the continued underestimation, disrespectful and barbaric treatment of keys figures who are entrusted with impacting the knowledge to the young, bright minds in our schools across Malawi.

It is a shame to learn that up to date, the office bearers at the University Office are failing to organize the graduation ceremony of a few deserving teachers trained at Chancellor College.

And this is not only issue the DPP-led government has encountered concerning teachers, recently it was all about a national strike on salaries and other working conditions. The strike was called-off when the Capitol Hills officials got scared to death of the impact of such strike. Bust still things seem to remain the same, same old story of caring less about teachers.

Investigations that we made reveal that the education faculty at Chancellor College remains silent on the future of these teachers. Despite the fact that the student teachers finished their Teaching Practices in March, but up to date, not even their results have been released. To make matters worse, there is no sign of them graduating anytime soon.

One frustrated education student who opted for anonymity said “we are tired of waiting, the authorities have even failed to release our results up to date. We are failing to apply for jobs and scholarships simply because one office bearer is failing to simply approve the results. It is so unfair and inconsiderate of them”

Understandably, these education students really go through a lot of courses to finally finish their studies. It is such inconsiderate treatment to teachers can easily impact on the effectiveness of their teaching output.

The anger and frustration being built in such teachers from an early stage even before being spread in schools,  will in one way or another be felt by innocent students waiting to be taught in our schools. As if that is not enough, the next thing they receive is the delayed peanut-salaries once they enter the teaching profession.

These are issues that though underestimated by the government, largely contribute to the underdevelopment of Malawi. It is high time teachers begin to get the respect they deserve.

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