Young Boy And Old Woman Jailed 2 Years For Exhuming Albino Bones

Machinga Second Grade Magistrate Court on Wednesday convicted and sentenced a teenager and an old woman to two years imprisonment for trespassing and exhuming human bones at one of graveyards in the district last month.

Malawi Punch reported last month that Esme Dyman and 18-year-old Fayson Walusa and three others, who are still at large, trespassed onto a graveyard at Nyandule Village, Traditional Authority Ngokwe and exhumed remains of a woman, believed to be albino, who committed suicide 10 years ago.

Walusa was answering two charges of Trespassing Burial Place contrary to Section 129 of Penal Code and Removing Human Body Tissues from Deceased Person contrary to Section 18 (1) of the Anatomy Act.

Esme Dyman was answering to Trespassing charges because of her role in directing Walusa and three others to the burial place of Chiuja Keneth also known as Abiti Kiliyoti who died after taking poison.

Both Walusa and Dyman pleaded guilty to offenses.

The exhuming of the remains of Abiti Kiliyoti happened on the night of 7th and 8th of April this year when Walusa and three others took ten pieces of bones mainly legs and arms bones.

Second Grade Magistrate Maxwell Boasi noted that the two charges are minor and that the two are first offenders.

He, however, noted that exhuming of human bones and other related criminals such as abduction and killing of people with albinism is common in Machinga.

“I’m confused with this case, this is the first time I’m presiding over a case like this,” Magistrate Boasi said.

He was however in dilemma in giving the two a suspended sentence or custodial sentenced considering their safety in the community.

“If I let them go home, are they going to live among their relatives?” wondered the magistrate.

Fearing for their lives, he therefore ordered them to serve two years imprisonment each.

Walusa comes from Mwahiwa Village in Nsiya area in Mozambique while Dyman comes from Chigomile
Village, Traditional Authority Ngokwe in Machinga.

Their sentencing comes a time another magistrate court in Dedza sentenced two men to 25 years imprisonment with hard labor for abducting and killing innocent albino boy Fretcher Machinjiri.

According statistics, since 2014 over 60 people of albinism have either been abducted or killed in Malawi. The country has a population 10,000 of people with albinism.

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