Wandale to appeal on the 18 months crime free judgement

Leader of Peoples Land Organization Vincent Wandale says he will appeal for the judgement he has been given of staying 18 months without committing any crime.


Wandale’s lawyer Micheal  Goba Chipeta said this after Principal magistrate Thokozani Soko ruled the judgement on Tuesday in Blantyre.

Magistrate Soko said what Wandale did could have caused conflicts and mislead other districts to stand on their own as independent countries.

Magistrate Soko ordered Wandale to pay a fine of K100000 and stay 18 months of crime free.

“Our wish was to make sure he should not be given a prison sentence and it has happened we are satisfied but there are many errors that occurred for his arrest because he was not supposed to have that judgement so we will take the case to the high court to relook into the case”, explained Chipeta.

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