Uladi Mussa ask government to reduce the maize price in admac markets

Uladi Mussa advised  government to reduce the current maize selling costs in admac markets

There was a hot debate in parliament on Monday bordering on the current food situation  in the country following a ministerial statement  by minister of agriculture irrigation and water development Dr George Chaponda.

In the statement the minister reiterated that government is implementing various programs that aim at combating the food crisis apart from ensuring that ADMAC markets are supplied with enough maize.

But the opposition side expressed dissatisfaction with the way government is responding to the food crisis, for example acting president for Peoples Party (PP) Uladi Mussa said the current maize selling cost in ADMAC markets which is K250 per kilogram is too high to ordinary Malawians, he requested the government to consider reducing the selling cost.

But in an interview minister of agriculture Dr George Chaponda explained that the request will not be considered saying ADMAC cannot be able to repay money it borrowed to buy the commodity if the cost is reduced.

According to the minister ADMAC borrowed money amounting to K26 billion for the purchase of maize within the country.

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