Two Arrested Over Human Bones

Police in the eastern district of Machinga are keeping in custody two people for allegedly trespassing and tampering in a graveyard.

The police have arrested Fainosi Walusa aged 18 and Sime Daimani who, together with their three accomplices, on 7th April this year exhumed bones of late Chiuja Kenneth.

Police in the district told Malawi Punch that three of the suspects are currently on the run.

Facts are that on 7th April, Walusa- a Mozambican- together with his accomplices went to Nyandule graveyard where they exhumed the grave of Chiuja Kenneth who died in 2006 after committing suicide.

It is said that it was Daimani who happens to be the deceased’s sister, who led the other suspects to the graveyard where they exhumed arm and leg bones of the deceased.

Walusa and Daimani have since been charged of Trespassing and Tampering in the Graveyard contrary to Section 189 and Section 129 of the Penal Code.

Walusa is from of Mukhito Village, T/A Ngokwe and while Daimani hails from Nyandule Village, T/A Ngokwe, in the district.

Malawi has been grappling with brutal attacks and exhuming of graves of people with albinism whose body parts are believed by some quarters to posses magical powers to make one rich or bring about good luck.

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