“stop taking every party issue in court, some issues can be settled within the party hierarchy,”- chakwera

As one way of resolving the conflicts that has been locking the Malawi Congress Party (MCP), Chakwera  disclosed that  his party intends to establish a special committee of independent members so that anyone having issues with the party can go and complain.


“I am tired of hearing each and every party issue to be  referred in court,  there are some issues which can be settled amicably just within the party hierarchy,” said Chakwera.

Chakwera said even in the government they have an Ombudsman who is a referee and make quick governance administrative decisions.

Of late MCP has been locked with back to back images of civil war which is currently being championed by the former district chairmen.

The Chairmen are accusing MCP leadership of raping constitution alleging that they are exercising powers outside their mandate.

Commenting on the forthcoming bye elections in Dedza  South Ward and Mchinji, Chakwera urged voters to vote for MCP candidates.

Malawi is tired of begging due to maladministration of the current regime of Democratic Progressive Party (DPP),he said.

“This shows that this government has failed so why should you people of Dedza give votes to a crumbled leadership,” said Chakwera.

On water and electricity, the MCP leader accused the Government of their failure to address the problems.

Chakwera said “Malawians are  suffering because the current government does not listen to alternative views.

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