things will soon stabilise in the party-chakwera

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) President, Lazarus Chakwera, has said the differences that have arisen in the party are normal to any organisation going through change,and promised that things will soon stabilise in the party.


The Leader of Opposition said this on Sunday at Kamwendo Trading Centre in Mchinji West, after addressing a rally.

“Instability is something that you know about. Others know about. But these people here in the village, know nothing about. What you call instability is part and a necessary part of a party in transition. Any organisation, any change management, if you have even done studies in terms of how organisations are run, you will see that this is a normal process, that takes place when there are changes,” he said.

During the rally, Chakwera said the party will continue promoting development, democracy and dignity, the three core values of the party.

During the rally, Central Region Chairman, Patrick Chilondola, unveiled new leaders in the party’s seven political districts in region. Some of the leaders have been re-elected to their positions,Chakwera described the elections taking place in the party as an exciting moment.

“It is an exciting moment because nationwide, there is no party that is doing what we are doing. But it is in preparation for the future because we need to have structures on the ground. This is part of the restructuring. This is part of the rebuilding. This is part of the re branding that we are involved in,” he said.

The MCP leader also urged the party supporters to vote for MCP candidate Jepther Mwale in the forthcoming by-elections. He told the people that in the elections and future elections, there will be no room for rigging.


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