State House Plans To Fire Pilirani Phiri From Veep’s Office

State House wants Pilirani Phiri out as Veep Saulos Chilima’s Press officer and replace him with MacDonald Chapalapata.

Sources from State house revealed to Malawi Punch that the plot is being championed by Hon George Chaponda, Kondwani Nankhumwa with a backing of false reports from Nicholas Dausi and the pressure is high at Veep’s office to fire Pilirani.

False stories have been created to implicate Pilirani just to make sure he is out of Veep’s office.

The source confidently revealed that the DPP wants to use Chapalapata to closely monitor the Veep’s day to day business and report to State house of which Pilirani is not the right candidate for the assignment.


Pilirani Phiri Press Officer For The Vice President

Pilirani Phiri Press Officer For The Vice President

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