State House Giants Fight Norman Chisale Over His Loyalty To Mutharika


There is a serious battle within State house between the camp of chief of security Norman Paulos Chisale and other giants at the palace. According to inside sources disclosed that Chisale is considered to be most loyal, favorable and trusted man by President Mutharika. As such Mutharika can not do things without the presence of Chisale.

Chisale is the man who tells Mutharika as it is including the corrupt practices being done by those close to Myth aroma in govt and DPP, most evil plans are intercepted by Chisale and his team and Mutharika is daily updated by Chisale.

According to Malawi Punch inside sources, further said that Chisale is considered to be a man who blocks suspicious plans by DPP other giants proposed to Mutharika. Chisale is the most closest man to mutharika after Ben Phiri had fallen out of love with Mutharika after picking a quarrel with the first lady. Currently several state house giants have created pseudo Facebook accounts to secretly attack Chisale and finish him off.

The source continued to say that we have several camps within state house the camp of Chaponda, Ben Phiri, which are busy paying people to write negative stories against Chisale and close relatives of Mutharika.

Their aim is to disarm Mutharika so that he can have noone to rely on and tell him the truth as Chisale does and later finish him. The other challenge that Chisale faces is of tribe the lomwe giants does not want a ngoni, chewa, tumbuka or any other tribe apart from lomwe to be close to Mutharika as it is with Chisale.

Currently the other camps have vowed to deal with Chisale as he is considered to be a threat to the other camps, such that any plan they have or to lie to Mutharika can’t work as far as Chisale is close to Mutharika.

President Mutharika can never go out of state house if Chisale is not around, he always ask where is Chisale he is the man Mutharika trust most and he has known a lot of rotten things happening in govt through chisale according to the source.

Malawi Punch learnt that

Mutharika And Chisale At Lumbadzi Police

Mutharika And Chisale At Lumbadzi Police

  • Lucas Kondowe of ACB has also been brought in to fight against Chisale as well as all the people behind Malawi Independent, Malawi brief and Malawi Voice have been assigned to create hate stories against him through other various social media forums.
  • Chimwemwe Kajawoa nephew to Mutharika is also another victim of the same. Currently the assigned people are working hard to please their master’s by creating false stories against Chisale on including exaggeration of his worthy and other serious false stories to destroy his character and distance him with Mutharika.
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