Sheriffs Hunt JB’s Ufulu Radio Over K200 Million Debt

Ufulu Radio Station owned by former President Joyce Banda is about to be cordoned by sheriffs for failing to remit a debt amounting to K200 million, Malawi Punch can reveal.

The station established in 2014 is reportedly sailing through tough financial times despite its owner boast to be a billionaire and is failing to pay its employees for over five months.

Currently managed by Banda’s son Roy Kachale has been grappling with huge debts from banks and other institutions and is about to be declared bankrupt by the courts.

Sheriffs last week visited the station to deliver a final warning on behalf of debtors, they might return any day to impound property if the station will not pay back the K200 million debt.

Employees are facing tough times as management has totally ignored its obligation to commit to salary payments and no reasons have been given so far.

“We have been writing petitions to the managing director Mr. Kachale but he has not availed himself in Blantyre to answer to our queries. Since he moved to Lilongwe to Parliament he has become elusive to these kinds of issues,” complained one of the employees.

It reported that Banda, on self-imposed exile in the United States, has also been ignoring the pleas of the affected employees.

Former President has given a blind eye to emails the employees have been writing her since February this year.

The radio station has 25 employees most of whom get as little as K25,000 as their monthly salaries.

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