Secret Exposed Mutharika Won’t Stand For President In 2019

Malawi Punch investigation has uncovered that Mutharika won’t stand fir 2019 elections and ibstead CHAPONDA PAIRS ATUPELE MULUZI according to reliable source from State House who have confided to me that President Mutharika has succumbed to pressure to pave way for another leader of Malawi to rule us.

Mutharika is on record to have wanted to announce his early retirement in December this year but some Cabinet Ministers Nankhumwa, Mwanamvekha, Fabiano, Kaliati, Obama Chiumia and Kalilani have been persuading the ailing leader to hold on His emotions for an early exit in order to keep the party intact as these Ministers feel the exclusion of Chilima as the possible successor could finish the Party.

The infighting has seen Henry Mussa and George Chaponda asking for the President to step down for a possible take-over of the two. Mutharika is ever fearing for his life just like what happened to his brother who died in office. He is always worrying that this country will be difficult to govern and as such he wants to call it quits in 2019.

Among the disturbing pressures in APM Administration are the demonstrations that are going on and will keep going on due to his VERY POOR decision making prowess. Mutharika always comes in to solve a problem very late when things are already heyway because he wastes too much time consulting 100 plus people on a very simple matter that requires even a primary school chap to solve. Currently Mutharika is haunted by the Lands Bills, Hyena saga, UNIMA Fees Must Fall saga and many more social economic challenges.

It is believed that once APM fails to stand which is what is on the table right now, Chaponda also a Lomwe who was caught on camera “LIVE” sleeping during an important State of the Nation Address by the President in May this year will be the torch bearer while the young Muluzi of the Ung’onoung’ono fame will be his sleepingmate while taking Malawi backwards.

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