It is true that some daring robbers recently hit the house of the Director General of the National Intelligence Bureau (NIB). Some wanted to portray it as fake story but it is true and Dausi is mad. He can’t believe that his own house can be hit by robbers some of whom he has nurtured himself. Dausi is incompetent he knows nothing about intelligence and instead his reports are destructive on others, this has multiplied the number of his enemies.

NIB sources who spoke to Malawi Punch on condition of anonymity said that our   advise to Mr Dausi and President Peter Mutharika is that sometimes you have to treat people that work with you well because if you don’t, they can successfully plot your downfall. Dausi should look no farther than his own corridors at NIB.

Most of the directors and senior officers are not happy with his style of leadership, which has undermined the authority of his immediate subordinates explained the sources.

 Dausi prefers to work with junior officers in most crucial decision-making processes such as allocation of funding for various activities and operations. At the end of the day, the bigger chuck of public funds at NIB goes into personal pockets of Dausi and the few junior officers he has chosen to work with.

The sources recalled that the only recent time Dausi had involved the responsible directors of departments and officers in was when they discussed the K42 million July funding after some people warned him that the direction things were taking was dangerous. From reliable sources, before the July funding, Dausi only involved three junior officers namely Ms. Naomi Wiski, Mr. Wezi Sichinga and Ms. Hilda Mtimuni.

The sources further disclosed FB_IMG_1471351639366that Ms. Naomi Wiski who is Dausi’s girlfriend is at the rank of Clerical Officer (CO) in government and receives a monthly salary of K70,000 but she has recently bought two vehicles and plots in Lilongwe. So coming back to the robbery, Dausi is a victim of anger of his fellow directors at NIB. They are plotting hard for his downfall because they feel enough-is-enough. If Dausi has eyes he should see and if he has ears he should hear. He must immediately change his ways otherwise something bigger than this is following him.

To President Mutharika, be informed that spies at NIB are technically on strike. They are not working because all the money for operations go into the pockets of dausi, Mtimuni, Wiski and Sichinga. There is no money for informants and other sources of information. This is dangerous and it shows why you always make uninformed decisions and comments on matters of national importance. The case of the dismissal of the Army commander is the best example. Thank you. The leakage of information from state house is a sign that you have a none operational secret agency.

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