Response To Peter Mutharika On Delays To Release Cashgate Names

Malawi In Mutharika's Bondage

Malawi In Mutharika’s Bondage

Malawians have responded to the nosense of Peter Mutharika on his press release of cashgate names and calling Malawians commedian. In

Mr. President you just insulted the Malawi nation by calling us comedians. You are the one that is a comedian with no substance. True comedians tell their poems or tales that makes sense but in a joking way to seek laughter from their fans and spectators. Inside each and every comedy there is sense. In your comedy there is nothing to laugh about, there is nonsense and they are not worth.

You are challenging Malawians to provide names of ministers involved for you to act. This is an insult of highest degree. You are calling Malawians comedians for you cannot act without evidence and names of the offenders. Let me remind you an idiom of our dialect “ukakhala pamsana pa Njobvu usamati kunjaku kulibe mame” meaning do not throw stones when you are living in a glass house.

What you are doing is asking the anger of Malawians. How can you ask citizens to provide names when office of the National Auditing is having the names but you are playing hide and seek with us by taking this matter as a constitutional matter that needs expert translation? Kamphasa and his team have announced that 13 files have been released involving people and companies that got involved in stealing the public funds seven of the offenders are sitting cabinet ministers. What do you want citizens to bring to you?

The releasing of the names require the office of the Auditor General and Attorney General to give permission? Is crime something that needs permission from your government for conviction? When files and names have been handed to the office of Anti Corruption Bureau do they need permission of the Auditor and Attorney General for them to apprehend the offenders?

In your press statement you are saying that the office of the president and its duties are not comedy but a serious business. You need to know that you are the one who is making that office a joke. Are you trying to tell Malawians that crime in Malawi is in classes of economy class, business class and executive class like in the plane? Are laws of Malawi segregative? It was better if you could keep quite than bringing this insult to the nation.

If you are serious as you allude to that government is a serious business, knowing that the country and the World are anxious and holding their breath to know who have conspired and plotted to killing them with the deadly suffering, willing to know who chased donors away could you come up with that type of statement? Mr. President you have failed the country

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